Re-manufactured & Rebuilt Manual Surface Grinders

Unsurpassed Quality and Guaranteed Reliability.

Re-manufacturing a Parker Majestic manual surface grinder is an economical way to restore a machine to an “as-new” condition with the original accuracy and reliability that was built into every one of our grinders.  Many of the early model machines are still in regular service today.  We are continually amazed to see customer shops where parkers from the 1940’s and 1950’s are still used every day.   The longevity of our machines validates the original vision of Parker Majestic to build the most precise, durable, and reliable grinders on the market.


The benefit of Re-manufacturing a machine with this same vision is that our surface grinders can be brought back to look and function like a brand new machine.  Re-manufacturing involves a complete tear-down of the machine to the base castings and re-scraping all slide ways to new OEM specifications.  We rebuild the spindle, replace the table, cross feed and elevation assemblies, and include new ACME screws and bearings. All parts are replaced with NEW OEM Parker Majestic parts.  In addition, Parker Majestic updates the grinder’s electrical components to conform to current performance and safety standards. Finally, the machine is repainted and shipped back to you where the grinder is able to split tenths again and is ready for another generation of service.


Parker Majestic also offers customer specified rebuilds to your requirements.  We re-scrape all slide ways to new OEM specifications, replace the table, cross feed and elevation assemblies, include new ACME screws and bearings, and replace standard wear items.  You can then choose additional options that best fit your needs and budget including new electric and wiring, new paint, spindle rebuild, and more.


Re-manufactured and rebuilt Parker Majestic grinders are backed by our one-year warranty on parts and labor.


Advantages of rebuilding Parker Majestic Surface Grinders


  • Cost savings of up to 35% compared to buying new

  • Replace all worn-out components

  • Upgrade performance specifications to current standards

  • Restore production efficiency

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Increase reliability

  • Avoid replacement of machine-specific fixtures and tooling

  • Enable the addition of optional productivity enhancements

  • Reduce employee retraining

  • Retain the inherent stability of aged cast iron components


For more information on having your Parker Majestic surface grinder refurbished to as-new condition, contact your local Parker Majestic representative.



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